About Us

In 1976, former Judge and former Dallas City Council member Lawrence E. Ackels, Sr. (1922-2006) and his sons established the Law Firm of Ackels & Ackels, L.L.P. ("Ackels & Ackels"). The Law Firm enjoys a solid reputation for competence and integrity. The Law Firm is dedicated to providing quality legal services to companies and individuals for a reasonable fee to be determined by the attorney and the client after consultation.

The Ackels lawyers collectively have more than 120 years of extensive experience in the general practice of law, including: business and commercial matters, family law, real estate and construction, estate planning and probate, litigation and trial work, appellate law, arbitration and mediation, and complex business and personal legal issues. These attorneys have litigated at every level in Texas state courts and Federal courts, including the Supreme Courts of both Texas and the United States. They have mediated, arbitrated, litigated, appealed and consulted in hundreds of cases.

Ackels & Ackels is dedicated to providing personal service to its clients, and approaches all cases from the viewpoint of “what is in the best interest of the client.” Sometimes this results in a trial, other times in a negotiated settlement. Our attorneys are committed to helping our clients resolve business and legal problems in the most appropriate and cost effective manner involving litigation or alternative dispute resolution, or a combination of both.

The firm's attorneys respond personally and directly to clients, ensuring that the client has direct and continuous access to the senior attorney handling the matter and not merely an associate or para-professional assigned to the case.

Ackels & Ackels represents small and middle size businesses, companies, professionals, families, and individuals who seek guidance and legal representation in their business ventures and personal affairs. The Law Firm’s goal is to provide personal service and professional service to its clients through the judicious and expert use of all legal avenues.